DevOps & SRE: 3-Day Training
Automating Infrastructure and Deployment for Reliability, Flexibility, & More
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The relentless zoo of technologies to implement devops and site reliability engineering can easily overwhelm. This hands-on course is packed with practical, real-world advice on building and evolving modern application infrastructures, while fully automating application deployment. The focus is on lasting concepts rather than individual technologies, and students continually ground their understanding with exercises throughout each day. With a focus on Ansible, Docker, and Amazon Web Services, the key ideas translate to other tools and providers as well.

Starting with the core useful abstractions of Ansible - playbooks and plays, templating, and roles - before exploring higher-level devops patterns of node orchestration, configuration, deployment and control. The course concludes with containerization, using Docker.

Note this training is thoroughly hands-on; students are expected to fully participate throughout each day in both the lab exercises and class discussion.



Core modules and how to use them

Variables in Ansible

More Advanced Playbooks


Deploying applications

Roles in Ansible

Basic Database handling

More Advanced Inventories

Orchestration of multiple hosts

Cloud Orchestration with Ansible and AWS

Configuring AWS instances

More advanced AWS orchestration

Containers with Docker

Container Orchestration


You must have significant Linux/Unix system adminstration experience and skill before starting class; a minimum of one year full-time experience is strongly recommended. In particular:


Early-bird tickets cost $1,999 per person (USD); regular tuition is $2,499. Group discounts are available for teams. Catered lunch is provided. Attendees are responsible for lodging and transportation to workshop site.